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Yankee Killers

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A-Rod on the Rays:

"Getting that team the hell out of town is good"
Then there is this tidbit of good news being reported:
A high-ranking MLB official says that Vince Naimoli will be replaced by Stuart Sternberg as the Devil Rays managing general partner the first week of October. GM Chuck LaMar is expected to be fired once Naimoli departs, and manager Lou Piniella is expected to receive a buyout from the last year of his contract that pays him $4.4 million in 2006.
This is good news all around. Its what we have been waiting on for years. Keep in mind, said he would shut down operations on his site if the Lamar/Naimoli exit would took place. But, this is the trifecta. Even, better.

In the new Sports blog category of TBO, Tampa writer Henderson says why let Lou go... I'll let my readers answer that one...