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Jake's Take: I love LA!!!! Don't you love song titles?


Finally, what Rays fans have been waiting for...a trade which involves one of our trading chips to get young Starting Pitchers. I had to check 4 different sources when I read it. I could believe that we only had to throw in Lance "in my pants" Carter in addition to Baez to get 2 of the Top 3 Pitchers in the Dodger Organization.

Good job, Andy!

Now, don't settle for just this...Trade Gathright and Huff, if you can. I'll live with Lugo walking off into the sunset, if we can't get value for him. But it shows that...we aren't making dumb trades.

However, do the Rays put Jackson in Durham to start the season? Do we give him a chance to earn a spot in Spring Training? He's 22 and still is very talented, so it could go both ways.

With Chuck Tiffany, I like this move. He's young and has a great arm. I don't know how we managed this, but in the long run...he could be the coup of the trade.

We've passed a ticking timebomb to the Dodgers, whose bullpen is now flammable with the additions of Carter and Baez.

I'm still in shock, someone please pinch me.