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Scouting Report on Tiffany

2006 WTNY #72 Chuck Tiffany:

I would guess, that Chuck really only offers two pitches at this point: fastball and curveball. Both offerings are pretty good, but there has just not been a lot of development with a third pitch. Throw in just average control, and you begin to understand why people aren't so enamored with a double-digit K/9 guy

2005 WTNY #45 Midseason Chuck Tiffany:

Very unsung player that has been really good since ending the season in the largest of ways last year. I'm concerned with the home run rate, especially considering the park and league, but everything else looks good with Tiffany. Where the team has been aggressive in the past to move such players up the ladder quickly, they seem to be learning from past mistakes. Expect Tiffany to be in Jacksonville next year, for most of the season, unless he pushes the envelope.

2005 WTNY #45  Chuck Tiffany:

Given the reports I've heard of Tiffany's fastball/curve combination, along with the way he finished out the season, you have to believe in this kid. I think the Vero Beach stadium will really help his flyball affinity (or so I would guess), and set Tiffany on a course (A+ and AA) similar to those that Miller and Billingsley both have traveled by. But Tiffany can always brag about his three no-hitters.

So, the 21 year old gives up alot of homers. Something to be on the look for. But, his K/9, K/BB, and his ERA are quite qood. He is not as advanced as Billingsly, nor the same quality of pitcher. But, he will be pitching in Devil Rays rotation one day. Lets hope they put him in AA in 2006, and we'll monitor his progress. Still a great deal.