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Gaddis Basball Report: Long Term Investing

MLB Report: "They?re concerned with putting together an organization that can sustain a run of success for decades at the time. They haven?t told us yet WHICH decades they want that to happen, but it?s safe to assume that it will start sometime in THIS decade if Friedman has his way. Which means, hey, look out for the Rays in 2007. Or 2008."

Baez has had some decent years for Rays but the fact is he was not the Rays best bullpen arm. Just like Lugo and Huff, Baez was expendable. Similarly, the Rays have young talent that is as good or better on the way at SS and RF than the player they are replacing.

However, I will say it has been disapointing with the NDRO coming in and not making their intentions clear. Now we know why Lou is no longer the manager. Well, at least the first cat is out of the bag. Lets deal Lugo and Huff now.