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Is Bryan Smith a Nicolas Cage Fan?

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Bryan Smith gives us more info on the E-Jax and Chucky acquisitions:

On Jackson's Phenomenal Beginning:

Jackson's pro career started in 2002 when the team began him in the South Atlantic League less than a year removed from high school. It was there when Edwin first began to show signs that he had been a steal in the draft. During that season, Jackson had a 1.98 ERA for the Catfish, allowing just 79 hits in 104.2 innings. However, by striking out just 85 batters, Jackson was able to stay under the radar (respectively), for the most part.

That changed quickly in 2003. The Dodgers decided to allow the mature Jackson to skip a level, bypassing an offensive park at Vero Beach and moving up to the Southern League. This is where Edwin took off. When the AA season had ended, Jackson was among the league leaders in strikeouts, whiffing 157 batters in 148.1 innings. He continued to post a good H/9 rate, allowing just 121 hits, and showing moderate control with 53 walks.

Edwin was on top of the world. Any apprehension about his 3.70 ERA -- despite those great peripherals -- were erased by his fantastic stuff. The Dodgers, clinging to the hope of staying in the playoff race, called up Edwin at the end of the 2003 season. In his first start, Jackson drew the task of going up Randy Johnson and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The results were fantastic, as Jackson allowed just one earned run on four hits in six innings, allowing zero walks.

On Tiffany's "Wild Streak":

Another interesting fact I've found regarding Tiffany is just how effectively wild he is. In eight appearances in 2005, encompassing 36% of his innings, Tiffany gave up three or more walks. His BB/9 during this time was an atrocious 6.75. However, his other peripherals: 4.73 H/9, 10.58 K/9, 0.68 HR/9, 0.76 G/F, 2.93 ERA. In his other starts, in which Tiffany was more controlled, his peripherals were: 9.00 H/9, 11.19 K/9, 1.67 BB/9, 1.80 HR/9, 0.49 G/F, 4.50 ERA. All worse except ERA. My conclusion? When Tiffany goes with what's normal to him, he's wild, but a better pitcher for it. His stuff is probably tighter and 'heavier' which makes him tougher to hit and keeps balls on the ground rather than in the stands.