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The "Rays Way", A Future NY Times Bestseller?

"It really is about bringing this together and having a game plan going into Spring Training," Maddon said. "I really wanted to have this kind of a mock Spring Training going on right now. More of a verbal kind of thing so that everybody became familiar with everybody else. -- I thought that was really important. And then to get everybody's ideas and then start constructing the 'Ray Way' of doing things around here. So we began that today. I want the discussions and then I want it on paper, and then the practical applications will occur."

What Maddon called the "Ray Way" of doing things will change the entire structure off the Rays organization, he said, beginning with the Major League club and stretching throughout the organization. On Thursday, Maddon and his staff will meet with some of the Minor League coaches to discuss ideas.

"I really want us to develop a manual, a book -- a way of us to do things here," Maddon said


That'd be a fun read, maybe Michael Lewis would like to do another Moneyball-like book?