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Jake's Take: Holy Signings, Batman!

Rays sign Luis Rivas and Shawn Camp

Ick, Good thing these are both MLDs or else I'd be dialing up Friedman's office myself. Rivas was "meh" at best during his days as the Twins' Starting Second Baseman/Shortstop, decent glove but not enough "pop". He eventually got beaten out of his job by Jason Bartlett and Nick Punto in 2005. He could have been signed as a stopgap between Lugo and Upton, if a Lugo deal is near finalization. That's just my theory.

As for Camp, he was a KC Royal and that is about the most positive thing I can say about him. He could prove to be better than advertised and been in the wrong position in KC's past bullpen....but that's the best case scenerio for Camp.