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Jake's Take: 60 Men enter, 25 men leave! Spring Training Report- Part 1(INTRO)

Unlike past Rays Spring Training sessions, this year's upcoming Spring Training sessions will provide the most competition than those of the past.

The only true locks to be Opening Day starters(if they're still on the team) are Lugo, Crawford, Hall, Cantu, Kazmir and Gomes(in some capacity). There are a few players that you know will be there, but they are in a "gray area" where it's unsure how and where they fit in. Prospects and Players recovering from Injuries provide drama for Rays fans.

The biggest competitions going into Spring Training are:

  1. Closer and Bullpen
  2. Third Baseman
  3. The Remaining 4 Spots in the Rotation
  4. Utility Infielder
  5. Starting Right Fielder
  6. 4th Outfielder
Within the next few weeks, I'll go competition-by-competition and we'll try to peg out the other strong locks for the Rays 2006 25-Man Roster.