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Jake's Take: And people dare to laugh at us???

Decisions and Indecisions this Offseason in the AL East-

Manny: "I want to stay, nah I wanna go, ehhh I'd rather stay now.... (but I wouldn't mind being traded also....You see It's just Manny being Manny, Man)"

Miguel Tejada:"This team is going nowhere, I demand to be traded........(unless we sign Kevin Millar and attempt to sign Jeremy Burnitz)"

Theo Epstein:"I've had enough of Boston Red Sox Ownership, I'm going to resign from my position and take a step back for a year or so....(make that 3 months, It's just Theo being Theo!)"

Johnny Damon:"I'd love to be re-signed by the Red Sox....(unless the Yankees sign me for more.)"

A-Rod:"I'm Dominican, I'm American, I'm Dominican again, I'm American again, I'm not playing, I'm playing again and I'm Dominican again, I'm American and that's final(I think)!"

Boston's Co-GMs:"We'll take a Beckett and Marte, who wouldn't? (even if it means we don't have a CF or SS in Mid-January)"

J.P. Riccardi(in Count Von Count voice):"One Corner Infielder, ah ah ah! 2! 2 Corner Infielders! Ah Ah Ah! 3! 3 Corner Infielders! 4! 5! Ah ah ah! Defense, who cares!"

Orioles Owner Peter Angelos:"We are happy to announce the signing of Jeremy Burnitz( the Pittsburgh Pirates)"

There's probably more examples of indecisiveness in the AL East, but I'd get carpal tunnel if I decided to write them all.  Yet, we're still the laughingstocks of the AL East because we demand alot, sometimes too much, for our "trading chips"? We're just as bad as the Marlins for pawning off our 4 MIL, 41 Save Overrated Closer for 2 prospects with "potential, however not ace potential"? We're jokes because we sign INF Luis Rivas and Shawn Camp to Minor League Deals to provide more competition for Spring Training? We're jokes because we've yet to say if we're going to give Delmon Young or BJ Upton a shot at a Starting Spot? We're jokes because we say that we'd look at giving a 22 yr old Pitching Prospect(w/ 400 IP in the Minors) Edwin Jackson a shot at competing for a rotation spot, just because he had an ERA of 8 in a Extreme Hitters Park in Las Vegas? We're jokes because we're considering a name change?

While the other teams, national media and other teams' fans point out our downfalls while overlooking their own.....we're not pointing the fingers at anyone. Our players just want to play, our front office wants to improve both in the long-term and short-term sense and our manager wants to unleash the Rays upon the rest of the AL but isn't going out of his way to embarass himself by making insane goals in his 1st season like his predecessor did.

As the old saying goes, "He who laughs last, laughs best."