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Jake's Take: Trade Winds Over The Pacific....

The Mets might be able to land Danys Baez without giving up Aaron Heilman. That's exactly what they're trying to do.

While the Mets remain very much involved in the Manny Ramirez trade discussions, their effort to acquire Baez is considerably closer to completion, two officials familiar with the talks said yesterday.

 The Mets have thus far refused to include Heilman in the package for Baez, one of those officials said, but the Tampa Bay Devil Rays think they can find a package even without Heilman.

It's believed such a package would center around righthander Jae Seo, and the Devil Rays also have interest in second baseman Kaz Matsui, whom they could convert to shortstop and then trade their incumbent at the position, Julio Lugo.



So we'd be basically be trading our "all-star"(used loosely) for a back-of-the-rotation 28 yr old SP/Swingman Reliever and a stopgap at SS for Upton?

Rays fans finally would get the movement through trades that we've been waiting for, but would be trading the player that we probably wanted to be traded the least.

Opine away.

Only reason why I posted this snippet is because it was from a more reputable New York newspaper(if there is such a thing)