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Carl Crawford: who knew

When the Devil Rays drafted Crawford the thought going around was that here is another all around athlete that was more of a project than a legitimate upcoming star. A few years removed, he is an exciting player to have around despite the shortcomings as a free swinger. The guy is young and has made strides developing at the major league level. He like Rocco was rushed a little bit to the major league level.

As the Roto Authority gives us his projections for 2006. I project more stolen bases in the coming year. You can only contain Carl on basepaths, you can't stop this base stealer. No matter where Maddon puts him, the steals will still be there.

Guess what, there is more speed on the way. With Upton and Delmon on the way, speed is will be this teams makeup. Having Maddon will only increase the activity on the base paths.