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Are the Rays STILL hard to trade with

We have heard the tune that Chuck Lamar was difficult to deal with in trade negotiations. Alot of his peers looked at other avenues rather than going down the Lamar highway when they had a need to fill.

With the new regime, we have heard about the many deals the Devil Rays have been rumored to be in over this off season.  There have been many opportunities to strike a deal with the chips that have been available since the new guys took over. However, Andrew has so far consumated one real deal which entailed him to solely just clean out his recycle bin. What showed up on his door step, is certainly of better value than what he was planning on getting rid of anyway.

When Stu said that alot of people would question some of the moves they made, we thought that we would have some form of a start of a track record by which to judge them on. I had no idea that would mean no pitching upgrades, no free agents, and no minor league free agents signed. I am still shocked about the lack of activity.

I am sure there will be some Ray movements between now an opening day, but right now the Devil Rays seem happy to have other teams looking desperate to fill a need, rather than making a move that does not help them significantly.

But, they can stand pat for only so long. Huff and Lugo will be dealt with between now and July 31.  They will have no choice than to make the best deal. Time is still on their side, but the clock is ticking.