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2006 Season in Review Series: Overview

Seeing as though the 2006 season has concluded, it is about time for me to do a little review series, chronicling the exploits of the 2006 championship season, from the minor league system to the painful sting of 101 major league losses.  

I am going to do this year's review a bit differently than last year, mainly because last year, I failed to do a review of the major league squad out of pure laziness. I thought my minor league review series chronicling each of the stops on the minor league rung in the DRO went pretty well last year, and other than some formatting differences, that will remain largely the same.

I plan to do the promptness of the series a little bit differently. Instead of having two different series' for the major league team and the farm system, I have decided to combine the two sections into one large review series, which will also encompass the major leagues as a whole. Part of the problem with last year was that by the time I was complete with the minor league series, and planned to start on the major league one, it was already November. The concept of doing once a week reviews when the series would encompass so much more than last year was simply not feasible, especially when you factor in my late start doing this as it is.

Thus, I have formulated a plan for this year's series that should get twice as much done in the same amount of time. My simple way of accomplishing this? Getting off my lazy ass and doing some work instead of lounging around and doing it once weekly. I plan to do my sub-sections of the review series simultaneously, with the major league editions being published weekly on Thursdays, and the minor league parts coming on Saturdays. The minor league series, like last year, will feature team by team looks at the full season minor league squads, one piece encompassing the Short Season teams.

The major league series will encompass six parts, taking a look at various units of the team, including the position players, coaches, front office, pitchers, and will cover various reviews of notable headlines. In addition, the a brief three part series will take a look at major league baseball as a whole, at each league with various subsets devoted to each team, and a separate look at the players whom I feel should win individual awards.

It sounds quite complicated, and perhaps it is, but I just wanted to make my readers aware of what to expect from me as we head into the offseason, and have something down on paper to keep me honest and hold me accountable. Anyways, here is the outline of the individual pieces and when to expect them this month. I would like to get this concluded by mid-November at the very latest, and sometime between then and the Rule 5 draft, do an offseason preview series. The season wrap-up series will conclude on the 18th next month with a season wrap-up roundtable among Devil Ray bloggers. Anyways, I hope this series enlightens you to the accomplishments (or lack thereof) in the 2006 season, and I hope that I am able to fulfill it.

Series Outline:

Devil Rays Series:

Thursdays starting tomorrow
I. Notable Moments this Season
II. Infielders
III. Outfielders
IV. Catchers, DHs, and Starting Pitchers
V. Relief Pitchers
VI. Coaches and the Front Office

Minor League Series:

Saturdays starting 10/14
I. AAA Durham Bulls
II. AA Montgomery Biscuits
III. A+ Visalia Oaks
IV.A- Southwest Michigan Devil Rays
V. Short Season League Teams

Sat. 11/18-Season Wrapup Roundtable

Major League Series:

Sundays starting 10/22
I. Individual Players Awards
II. American League Review
III. National League Review