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Minor League Minute for Thursday, October 12th

So there I was, ready to go see our Instructional League Rays over at Bright House Field in Clearwater today. This would be my final chance to see them this year, as they are in Bradenton today and tomorrow, and I can't go down and see either game. This was it. And that was fine, as long as I got one full day out of my Instructs experience, that was fine. I had a great afternoon planned out, I'd go to Subway and get a footlong, and then head to the ballpark where I could enjoy some food and watch the Rays of the future taking notes, all in Instructional League atmosphere. I could not have dreamed up a better afternoon.

And maybe that is exactly why, for the first time in a month, it rained in the city that holds the record for most consecutive days of sunshine. And the rain wasn't particularly long, maybe a half an hour at the most, but it spaced itself out just right so that I....

a) Could not ride my bike down to the stadium
b) Could not get food
c) Could not get to the game on time
d) Might not even see a game there even if I got to the stadium

And so, there went my afternoon and a planned column here at the Bay, I regret to inform you. Now, on with a report from Arizona....

Phoenix Desert Dogs (1-1)

Last Game: Mesa 3, Phoenix 0

-Mesa got back at the D-Dogs for their shutout win yesterday, blanking them by the exact same score, 3-0. Only one Ray saw action in the game, a hitless Fernando Perez at the top of the order. Dustan McGowan started and got the loss for Phoenix, giving up one of Mesa's three runs in the second, while the Solar Sox padded their lead with two runs late in the win. Ryan Klosterman was the only D-Dog with more than one hit. Ironically no Solar Sox player had more than one hit, instead relying on a strong start from Errol Simontisch and a shutdown bullpen, which included Kevin Slowey picking up the save, in the win.

How our Guys Did

CF Fernando Perez: 0-4, K

Today: at Scottsdale, 10:05 ET

Coming up: Look for a new sidebar item on the D-Dogs, as well as the first part of the season in review series.