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The 2006 DRaysBay Awards

As my season review series winds up (it will come, both original installments I promise), and the MLB year winds down, I thought it appropriate to try something new this year and create a slate of Devil Rays-brand awards that all of us as fans could vote on based upon this past season.

Thus I devised a plan to do so. I created 11 different awards separated into three sub-categories, ranging from the vanilla (Team MVP, Pitcher of the Year) to the unique (David Bloom, Paul C. Smith). It gives Rays fans a way to recognize the outstanding performers from the 2006 season, both on and off the field, while tying into my review series.

The 11 awards are divided into one of three categories; Player Awards, Media Awards, and Other Awards. The media awards are just that, awards for Rays media personnel, from the Tropicana Field press box to fan blogs. The player awards are cut and dry recognition for the best performers in various categories, while 'Other Awards' is the catch-all category that encompasses the things that couldn't really fit into the first two.

Each award has its own diary, as you will observe on the left sidebar. Within said diary is a poll for the actual award voting, and the diary text gives a brief synopsis of what you are voting for, and more information about the award if it is uniquely named. You may discuss your choice, and I very much encourage you to do so, in the diaries. Here is the page detailing the various awards and their parent sub-categories, for easy navigation in the whole process.

I think of this as a way to get the fans involved. No stuffy BBWAA farts handing out some biased award without factual backing, no blogger sitting on his ass (hey, that's me!) at home telling you who was the best at this and that. I have just as much a say in this as Jake, R.J., and you. Just think of me as the messenger.

I am hoping the trial run will be a great success this year, and I look forward to a great month of review fun!

Link to 2006 DRaysBay Awards Directory