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Just a Few Things....

First off, I'd like to address something. A week or two ago, I went on a bit of a tirade that I had become vastly synonymous with. The tirade was so bad that I had crossed an invisible line that caused be to fall in vastly bad graces with the management there. I'd like to apologize to both the management there(you know who you are) and the few people that I chose to pick on(who also know who they are) in my aforementioned tirade. I got very heated in the negativity that was going on that when I read that the Rays should just "tank it" for the rest of the season that I just exploded. I feel that sometimes my temper gets a hold of me and the reason for some of my explosions. Again, I apologize to those who I have angered

-Jake Larsen


Next, for the offseason, I'm going to try to get a hold of some of my co-writers and we're going to have a few things for more fan interaction on this blog.

We will attempt to keep Rays fans with all the comings and goings with the Devil Rays and all of the prospects who are competing in Fall and Winter Leagues.


We're going to have a few interviews with prospects and other Rays-related people popping up during this offseason. Some that you expect, some that you probably won't expect.

You'll see....


Readers, let us know what you'd like to be done and changed with DRays Bay. We'll take everything into consideration and make those changes if we think they'll make the blog better.

Thank you all for reading this season and here's hoping for a busy offseason