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Jake's Take: The Departed

Killing time for the Nebraska/Iowa State game, I felt the need to actually sit down and try to stomach the Yankees/Tigers game on FOX. It's not that I hate the Yankees, seeing as I have more problems dealing with the greatness of The Red Sox Nation(mainly it's bandwagoners, seeing as there is such thing as smart Sawks fans...Sam Killay, Marc Normandin, um Brandon Rossage...that's it). I was happy in the fact that I franchise that nearly broke the "Most Losses in 1 season" record 3 years ago was up 2 games to 1 on the Yankees and were a good start from Bonderman(Caution: Flying Chairs) away from taking the series.

Saturdays, for me, are usually days for me to get tons of sleep. I wake up on Saturdays, do some house-cleaning, put a good baseball/college football game on, eat a decent-sized lunch, take a nap out of boredom from the games that are on. Well, to no surprise, it happened with the Detroit Vs. Yankees game as well. Game 4 with the Tigers leading the series and I pass out! Not so much out of boredom, but watching Yankee hitters(except for Sheffield) hit puts me to sleep.

Watching A-Rod strike out, in a clutch situation, puts me to sleep....

Watching Robinson "Most Overrated 2B in Baseball" Cano bat, puts me to sleep.

Watching Jason Giambi inject, er, hit, puts me to sleep...

See a pattern?

Only one other team can put me to sleep watching their games, The Atlanta Braves. It's not because of their players, but their play-by-play guys and commentators. That "Gamebreak" guy needs to come equipped with an airhorn relatively soon.

Anyways, getting back onto the topic at hand...

I woke up around the 5th inning, answering a call from my girlfriend asking if I wanted ice cream when she got off of work, to see Bonderman was throwing a no-no. Wow, that's interesting...


I woke up again around the bottom of the 9th. Yanks are down 8-1 and Bonderman is still in the game? Whoa, I missed a good pitching gem by the pitcher that Billy Beane never wanted. Wooo, Yankees are down by 7 and are 3 outs from being eliminated. Wooo, a Dairy Queen blizzard and a kiss from my wonderful Italian girlfriend to wake me up.

How great is life???


Thankfully this game wasn't on ESPN, or else the coverage of Detroit's celebrating would've been nowhere near as long. It'd be implied that Ravech and Kruk would make up excuses on why New York lost. Something like New York going for Home Field Advantage, instead of resting players like Detroit, gave the Tigers an unfair advantage. Any Rays fan knows the kind of BS that ESPN comes up to excuse the Yankees World Series Champion Drought.


So, blah blah blah, FOX Coverage, blah blah blah, let me go on the internet, blah blah blah, read my blurb in a St Pete Times Article, blah blah blah Check out Sickels' Blog.

Wait, 5 minutes after the Yankees lose and I see this diary....


Hahahaha, 5 minutes!!! Some of the posts are friggin' hilarious.

Fire Torre! Seeing as it's his fault why A-Rod is Anti-Clutch....

Fire Cashman!! He handcuffed the Yankees, Baseball's answer to "Build-a-bear", by signing Jaret "I miss Leo" Wright and Carl "I don't care about anybody else, when I play baseball, I hurt myself" Pavano to big money deals....

Trade A-Rod!! He may be a consistent MVP Candidate, but he's "not a true Yankee".... Fans earned the right to boo him, y'know?

Execute Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright!! Wha?

Wow, I thought Red Sox Fans were bad with some of their excuses(which I've seen)....but their players have real reasons why they miss games(heart problems, cancer, shoulder problems, Manny-ness). Damon dives for a ball and cuts open his hand, better sit him for a week.

I love playoff baseball!

Baseball, I love this game!

Go Oakland A's!!