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Offseason Wish-List

Since RJ enjoyed himself in his "GM-for-a-day" role, I figured I'd see how much fun I'd have with it. Now, I'm not saying that my picks will happen or make any sense...but these are 5 players that I think we should look at.

1. Gil Meche, SP- Known by some to be "A Pitching Coach's Dream" due to his good overall attitude and always asking questions/listening to others to make himself better. Now for the last couple of years, the Rays were always put in rumors that ended up with us getting Gil Meche. Was it the only player that Seattle would offer us or did we have an eye on Meche? He's not a "big name" pitcher, but he's a vet with a winning record whose attitude is one that you'd like to rub off on some of our pitchers.

2. Octavio Dotel, RP- Proven reliever who is 2 years removed from TJ surgery and 1 year removed from a 1 yr, 2 MIL deal with the Yankees that got him a 10.80 ERA. While many people think that his salary will go up, due to him being healthy again, that 10.80(even in limited action) mean that he was hittable when he returned from his rehab. Will that shy away suitors, who knows? I think that if we could get him to sign a 1-2 year deal, using his past with Hunsicker as a bargaining chip, I'd look into it. I'd rather have a 2 MIL Dotel for another year of Travis Harper.

3. Miguel Batista, SP/RP- He's old, I know, but still an innings-eater and still a double-digit Win starter. We could use him as the veteran starter in the rotation, as opposed to Fossum or Seo, until our youngsters in the minors were ready and then place him in the bullpen as a long-reliever. Wasn't the best closer, but I'd say he's alot better than Tyler Walker or Brian Meadows.

4. Wes Helms, 1B/3B- You never know when you could use another Utility guy and the 2006 thrived on surprises that Wiggy and Norton brought to the table. Not exactly a power threat, but known to be a decent defender...which is what we don't have many in the IF. We also don't know what we're going to do at 1B and how bad Dukes' shin splints are.

5. David Dellucci, OF- This is probably the biggest longshot, due to our OF pretty much being solid and probably not being able to supply David Dellucci with enough ABs to his liking. However, he'd be a huge upgrade over Damon Hollins and David is a proven OBP machine with decent pop in his bat. He's already an offseason workout mentor for one of our best prospects, Reid Brignac, so he's got connections to the organization.

Wild Card Player: Mark DeRosa, IF/OF- Now I think DeRosa's play in 2006 may have given him the right to demand a nice pay-raise, but I'd like to have us look at DeRosa because his ability to play pretty much every IF and OF position without worrying about defense. One worry is how much Arlington inflated his offensive statistics, though.