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Win,Win, and Win situation

About a month ago I posted this story on here saying we should pursue one Akinori Iwamura. Well, it looks like not only did we, but there's a possibility that we got the highest bid. We will find out on Thursday if the possiblity of a new 2b/3b/1b/OF from the other side of the Pacific is a reality. On behalf of DRB may I give the Rays FO a standing ovation for purusing Akinori and placing a bid, win or not it's great that we are involved in the Japan market.

Also today we celebrate the release of Tyler Walker, clearing up a 40 man spot for either Elijah Dukes, Mitch Talbot, or Elliot Johnson.
Update [2006-11-11 22:47:35 by R.J. Anderson]: It also appears the Rays have interest in Todd Walker. Notice not only are the Rays being named in a few free agent cases, but primarliy second basemen who can play 3b/1b/ and if need be SS.


Your view of Akinori?

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  • 16%
    Andrew Friedman is my God
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  • 66%
    Could be a very solid signing
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  • 8%
    He's probably going to be a bust
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  • 8%
    Why in the world are we going for this guy?
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    Andrew Friedman is an idiot
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