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Early Morning FA update

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Looks like Mark Mulder could actually consider the Rays as his suitor that from the times, in which had a lengthy article about the possible connection.

From that same article, it appears Shinji Mori will be ready for Spring Training. Mori of course was the reliever we signed from Japan last year, outbidding the Redsox amongst others.

Could we be seeing Sergio Mitre or Jason Vargas pitch their home games at the Trop? The Miami Herald seems to think the Rays would be a good trade partner for the Fish, who are looking for upgrades in the pen and out in CF.

In division related news, Jaret Wright has been traded to the Orioles for Chris Britton, ladies and gentlemen that's the move of the millenium.

Update [2006-11-12 14:38:15 by R.J. Anderson]:
Time to cross A-Ram off of the Rays wishlist

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