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Rays win bid for Akinori Iwamura

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Plain Dealer Winter Meetings Weblog

It appears Tampa Bay has won the bidding right for Japanese third baseman Akinori Iwamura. The Devil Rays reportedly outbid the Indians, San Diego and Boston for the left-handed hitter. The Yakult Swallows, Iwamura's club, are expected to announce the winning bid Wednesday or Thursday. -Paul Hoynes

Brewcrewball's Jeff Sackmann posted an article on "Hardball Times" projecting what Akinora could do in the majors. Great read, all around. Keep in mind DRays Bay was the first Rays blog to bring Akinori up as an option

[editor's note, by Jacob Larsen]Special Thanks to Marc Normandin (from Beyond the Boxscore), for mailing us the links to both the Plain Dealer blurb and the Sackmann article.


WBC Stats for 'The Answer' 6 games .389 AVG 3 RBIs 2 BB 3 Ks 2 SB had a higher BA than Ichiro. Commited one error playing 3b.


Update [2006-11-15 13:20:16 by Jacob Larsen]: According to a St. Pete Times article, ESPN's Peter Gammons puts the winning bid at around 4.5 MIL and substantiates the rumor that we won the bid.