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FA update

before most of you readers head off for a day of football let's catch you up to date on the latest FA signings / rumors

The Angels have inked RP Justin Speier I had been on the 'sign JS' bandwagon, but so much for that. Mike Stanton also signed with the Reds.

In trade rumors, we may no longer be 'Getting Wiggy wit it' as the New York Yankees might come a calling for Wigginton's services.

While the Yanks don't have much (at all) in their farm system I'm sure a few young pitchers (not named Hughes or Sanchez) could get the deal done such as Tyler Clippard, TJ Bean, Scott Proctor, Jeff Karstens, Darrell Rasner, or J. Brent Cox, is that asking too much? Probably, but's the Yankees

Update [2006-11-19 23:41:32 by R.J. Anderson]: The Rays contacted Mark Mulder's agent to talk about contract details