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Rays add 3 to 40 man

Doug Waechter is no longer tied to the 40 man roster as he was released to make room for Elijah Dukes, Mitch Talbot, and Elliot Johnson, all of whom are now protected from the Rule V draft. We wish Doug the best of luck in recovering from his shoulder surgery and finding a new job.

According to Rotoworld the Oakland A's have signed Scott Dunn to a one year deal and he is now on their 40 man roster.

Also we don't usually stoop to the level of posting tidbits from Bill Chastain's 'work', that term should be used loosely with him, but here's a snippet of the goodness that is Chastain's mailbag at work...

Do you think the Rays' upper management may want to instill some discipline into the lineup by starting with facial-hair rules like the Yankees? People say that manager Joe Maddon is a bit lenient with his rules and there may be a need for some intensity or life on the bench. Maybe a bit of discipline may add a spark. Just a thought as there is no link that I know of between trimming facial hair and winning ballgames.