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Another one bites the dust

Mark another suitor and possible trade partner off of CC and Rocco's list, the Houston Astros chose to give Donut Boy Carlos Lee a 6 year 100 million dollar deal rather than attempt to trade for the Rays OF.

The importance of this is, well very little. Most of us figure that neither CC, nor Rocco will be heading anywhere anytime soon. We can assume the asking price is indeed steep as teams rumored to be involved in talks have looked to a crazy free agent market to fill their OF voids rather than swing a deal. Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Houston have all signed an OF within the last two weeks, all are paying their new purchase over 10 million a season...CC and Rocco will be making a little more than 3 million combined next year.

However unlikely the only remaining 'trading partners' that could even have half of what it would take for one of the Rays OFers are the Marlins, Rockies, and Giants.