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Getting Wiggy with NY?

According to the New York Daily News the Yankees called the Rays and offered something for the services of Ty Wigginton.

Of course the NY paper spins it as 'we wanted too much' rather than 'they offered too little' of course we're in the market for trading for a MLB ready pitcher, rather than a prospect. Plus it's not like the Yankees really have a middle ground as far as pitching prospects it's either overpaying for Wiggy or underpaying.

A lot of fans like Wiggy, myself included, but some do think it's time to cut loose with him and give the kids a go. Possibly shifting Cantu to 1b or Jonny Gomes, not to mention Wes Bankston, Joel Guzman, or Elijah Dukes.

My take: we're probably not going to get anything better than we all ready have, and to be honest Wiggy is quite certified to be the first man off the bench...however if he's our starting 1b for most of the year then we have some issues.