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About those lists....

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Some more names come off our Rays' wishlist.

David Delluci is an Indian according to Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal

Other news from Kenny Rose..

Adam Eaton is a Phillie

Randy Wolf is a LA Dodger

Underrated reliever / closer Damaso Marte has re-signed with the Pirates

All and all the silence from the Rays means one thing...something is's the calm before the storm (or as Jake says, the cobra waiting to spring from it's bush.) What? We don't have a clear idea, but remember that Mark Mulder's agent Gregg Clifton said his client wouldn't sign until probably December, all of a few days away, and the last time we heard a legit free agent rumor, a Mulder rumor at all was that the Rays had began contract discussions...I'm not saying, I'm just saying.