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1.95 Million Dollars : Serious Business

This is going to be fast since there's no reason to make it a long drawn out piece. There are loads of people complaining about this seemingly minor move, bringing in Hee Seop Choi.


  • He's only 28
  • He's left handed
  • Has OBP skills
  • Good glove
  • Power stroke
  • Low risk
  • High reward
  • Another possible 1b candidate
  • He's got no track record of prominent success at the MLB level
  • He's a 1b, we have a ton of them
Now some are throwing in the '2 million dollars' in that con list, and I don't understand it, at all. Okay people few things:
  1. No pitcher would come for 1.95 million over two seasons, if they would, they aren't worth it.
  2. We don't need to overhaul the bullpen, some minor tweaks were all that were needed, by tweaks I mean 'dump the fat', and 'allow the youngsters to grow this season'
  3. 1.95 mil won't sink the franchise if he makes the roster but craps out, if it does then we may need the money from those trades back.
  4. The money isn't a guarantee, people are crying over nothing at this point.
  5. People who are saying 'why not just sign Travis Lee' or 'sign Sean Casey'....well here's where I pull my case for why we shouldn't overreact, short and sweet:
Sean Casey's line as a Tiger:
.245 / .286 / .364

Hee Seop Choi's career line:
.240 / .339 / .437

okay now here's the kicker:
Sean Casey's 2006 salary: 7.5 million
Sean Casey's new contract : 1 year / 4 million

Choi's contract with potential money : 2 years / 2 million

Next let's look at our 1b on the roster now and for the foreseeable future :

  • Jonny Gomes
  • Eljah Dukes
  • Ty Wigginton
  • Greg Norton
Let's see, Gomes and Dukes are new to the position and have injury and mental concerns, Wiggy is more of a utility player though he's got the most adequate defense at 1b from that group, and Norton is going to regress more than likely, though he is a switch hitter which gains him some value.

So tell me folk, is this deal really that bad after all?