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Sunday Sleeper

The third of our sleeper series comes on a delayed Sunday. The pick is the 20 year old OFer that fans are calling 'C.C. Jr.'.

This of course is Desmond Jennings, a kid who was recruited as a QB in High School, and should be playing WR at Alabama right now. Legal issues got in the way (but were dropped) and he finds himself in the Rays system as one of, if not the player from this draft with the most upside.

In 204 ABs at Princeton, Jennings hit, 10 2bs, a triple, 4 homeruns, had a BA of .275, and an OBP of .354. That's not even factoring in his 13/16 on stolen base attempts.

The problem with Jennings is that he (like Carl) needs to learn to take more walks and strikeout less. C.C. in 46 more at bats struck out 33 more times than he walked (at Princeton, as a 17 year old), Jennings who played as a 19 year old, struck out only 15 more times than he walked.

Why is he a sleeper? Because he's just gifted, 6'2 180 pounds, he's got speed to burn, and though the OF is jammed you may see him become a key component of a trade down the road.