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So is this my new office?

Perhaps you've heard me on the radio, but you've never seen my written work. With that I apologize for the poor spelling and grammar. I'm a man of spoken word, that's all I can say.

After seven years at 620 WDAE I found myself on the wrong end of the budget cut axe this past September. It's a part of the business, albeit not a fun part, and I have discovered I am not the only one as plenty of blood is getting on the carpet of Clear Channel stations nationwide. Fortunately I had already started work with the Tampa Bay Lightning's radio network so I not only had a job but I also cover another sport I truly love in hockey. While most of my time and effort has shifted to the men with blades of steel under their feet, and Eastern European players with 18 consonants and two vowels in their names, I still keep an eye on baseball as the first sport I truly fell in love with as a kid remains special in my life.

What's even more special is the chance I had to work with one of my favorite ballplayers in radio. These past two springs I was blessed to work with Tampa-native Fred McGriff on "The Batter's Box" on WDAE. While I had years and years of knowledge, passion, and appreciation for America's pasttime as a media member and as a fan, working with Fred opened up a whole new side of baseball for me-- the player's perspective. Now I can watch any game with the added angle that the average person doesn't normally have. Not to say I'm above average, I've just been very lucky to get that perspective shown to me by one of the classiest players to ever suit up.

Of course a lot of my attention focuses on our Tampa Bay Devil Rays and their attempt to finally become something other than a punchline. I have many opinions on what they're doing now and where they plan on going, and I will lay that out there for you over the next few months. I also have comments on other baseball issues, which tend to pop up every now and then. Please keep in mind though since my primary employer is an NHL team and I have to give 110% on gameday, I can't comment every day like I did on the Batter's Box webpage last year. I will throw something together at least once a week though since this team is at a crucial turning point in its existance.

Whether I write or not, I'm always willing to listen to you. In general I'm a people person, but I also know it's the people who actually find the time to track down a website like this and read columns like mine or Jake's or anyone else's that make a difference. Drop a line anytime at I know, I don't work for 620 any more but I'm too damn lazy to start up another work e-mail, so live with it.

In the meantime, let's start swinging away...


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