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Something Fishy

Mark Topkin is reporting the Marlins offered the Rays Ricky Nolasco for B.J. Upton. Excuse me while I laugh.

This is a testament to those who actually believed the 'Olsen for Gathright' offer, the Marlins are only after the ripoffs of the century that many so falsely accuse the Rays of.

Other tidbits from Topkin:

  • Todd Kalas is a finalist for the Brewers lead job.
  • Shinji Mori isn't likely to be ready by Spring Training.
  • Nick Green was at the winter meetings looking for a job.
  • The top three execs from the old DRO are back in baseball : Chuck Lamar (Nationals), Cam Bonifay (Cardinals), Scott Proefrock (Orioles.)
  • Lance Carter will be pitching in Japan next season.
  • Toby Hall looks to be heading to the City of Brotherly Love.