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Rumor Mill

from the Sun Sentinel

The Marlins did make a push for Rocco Baldelli and would have been willing to give up Scott Olsen and some lesser pieces for the Devil Rays' center fielder. But talks ended when it became apparent Tampa Bay wanted two members of the Marlins' rotation

If this is true (and take this with a grain of salt since it's from an unnamed source) then you have to ask the question:

Who was the other member of the rotation the Rays wanted?

Willis - Of course we'd want him but not plausible.

Johnson - likely not plausible.

Nolasco - perhaps this is why the Marlins keep bringing his name up?

Sanchez - not plausible

Though if this is true I suppose it shouldn't be (as) suprising since the price for Rocco (and CC for that matter) has always been a frontline MLB starter and a top prospect. Updates are sure to follow.