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Japan Signing Good, But where is B.J.?

I commend the Devil Rays brain trust by solidifying the hot corner going into next year. The Rays have a player who can play everyday 3B for more than one year which seems like the team needs after going year to year with a different player at the position. However, this trade marks a certain change in philosophy where Upton has no place to play. We have been speculating on his position for years and now when we thought Rays finally ear marked a position for him, his best bet now is DH or 2B, which is a position he has never played. Secondly, it makes Rays look as if they lack a plan with Upton and the organization as a whole. It seems they are going for some defense on the left side of the diamond. Its unclear who is on the right side of the diamond for sure as well. I am sure there is a plan here. Right now its seems like there is not one.