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Around the League

Decision Day : Again
Boston Globe writer Gorden Edes briefly mentions in his new column that RP/CP Keith Foulke is expected to sign today, with the Indians being one of the forerunners. Foulke is one of the last 'at one time elite' relievers on the market, I'm not sure if the Rays would spend the cash on a guy who really struggled the past two seasons in Boston.

Baseball Been Very Good to Me
Sammy Sosa has began working out in hopes of rejoining the Major League ranks this year. It's safe to assume the Rays will stay as far away from the suspected 'juicer' as possible.

Fish Out of Water
Marlins' starter Dontrelle Willis was arrested this morning for driving under the influence. It's a shame that Willis would succumb to this, but it's became an 'accepted' crime. Notorious good guy J.J. Redick was arrested for the same thing last summer and since nobody really talks about it anymore.