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Steam from the Hot Stove

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A few tidbits from around the majors on this holiday weekend

-The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Brewers have agreed to terms with free agent pitcher Jeff Suppan on a four year, $42 million contact, beating out other teams that included the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and Colorado Rockies for his services. It seems like a bit much (six words that epitomize this offseason's market), but it could very well catapult the Brewers into wild card contention, if Ben Sheets stays healthy. Suppan made his money off of that amazing postseason run he had in leading St. Louis to the World Series title, and although that run fooled suitors in this market into thinking he is a top of the rotation starter, he still at least could provide a good presence in the middle of the rotation. His alarming peripheral stats are very concerning, however, but at least Milwaukee can tout its "commitment" to their fans, and they deserve it. Hopefully Jeff Sackmann and all of our friends over at Brew Crew Ball regard the deal as a good Christmas present. Congratulations to them.

-Meanwhile, having lost out on the Jeff Suppan "sweepstakes", it looks like the Pirates are contacting our old friend, Aubrey Huff. So says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who report that Huff is seeking a contract somewhere in the neighborhood of three years and $23 million. He apparently is also being courted by the Rangers, Cleveland Indians, and Baltimore Orioles. While Huff certainly hit the jackpot in becoming a free agent in this horrible offseason, quite honestly, that deal isn't really so bad for the team spending the cash. It certainly beats giving Juan Pierre $45 million or Gary Matthews Jr. $50 million, and it isn't like the Pirates will be sunk by a three year investment. For one of baseball's oldest and proudest cities, spending that much to get Huff may be worth it for a city getting dangerously close to apathy towards baseball. DRB's sister site, Bucs Dugout, isn't thrilled by the prospects of getting Huff, and who can really blame them? This is a franchise that spent millions of dollars last offseason on the likes of Joe Randa and Jeromy Burnitz, I wouldn't trust Dave Littlefield with expendable cash either.

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[Editor's Note, by Patrick L. Kennedy]: Also, fear not DRaysBay readers. There will be things to read on Christmas Day so you can get your baseball fix. I can't speak for my colleagues, but expect a profile tomorrow of Rays pitcher Edwin Jackson and an obligatory "Merry Christmas" post. Between now and then, I'd like to wish all of our readers Happy Holidays, and I hope that whatever tangible good you desired this season becomes yours tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for your support of DRaysBay, but I'll save most of that crap for the posts tomorrow. Don't leave the Egg Nog out over night!