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100 Players are now Sweating

Okay so maybe not sweating or precipitating just yet, but word has broke that the positive tests of 2003, all 100 of them will be handed to investigators.

Now the odds are that of that 100 at least one is going to be a member of the Rays. Quite frankly I'm not going to name any 'suspects' because pretty much everyone in baseball that season can be listed as a 'suspect', rather I will just include the entire 2003 roster, after the jump.

Brandon Backe
Rob Bell
Nick Biebrodt
Dewon Brazelton
Lance Carter
Jesus Colome
Chad Gaudin
Geremi Gonzalez
Travis Harper
Joe Kennedy
Al Levine
Mark Malaska
Seth McClung
Jim Parque
Steve Parris
Carlos Reyes
John Rocker
Bobby Seay
Jorge Sosa
Jason Standridge
Jon Switzer
Mike Venafro
Doug Waechter
Victor Zambrano

Toby Hall
Javier Valetin

Brent Abernathy
Marlon Anderson
Damion Easley
Felix Escalona
Travis Lee
Jeff Liefer
Julio Lugo
Rey Ordonez
Antoino Perez
Damian Rolls
Jared Sandberg
Terry Shumpert
Jason Smith
Chris Truby

Rocco Baldelli
Carl Crawford
Aubrey Huff
George Lombard
Adam Piatt
Jason Tyner

Matt Diaz
Jonny Gomes
Ben Grieve
Pete LaForest
Al Martin

It would be naive to not think at least one or two of those players could pop up in the future as 'positive tests', we at DRB will keep you updated as things proceed.