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The Grades are in!

From "Minorleagueball"

2007 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Prospects
  1. Delmon Young, OF, Grade A (Seven Skill player)
  2. Reid Brignac, SS, Grade A- (Breakthrough season with the bat)
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B, A- (plate discipline an issue?)
  4. Jacob McGee, LHP, B+ (breakthrough lefty increased velocity)
  5. Jeff Niemann, RHP, B+ (can he stay healthy?)
  6. Wade Davis, RHP, B+ (I still love him)
  7. Elijah Dukes, OF, B (Grade A if not for attitude)
  8. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, B (breakthrough for 2007)
  9. Mitch Talbot, RHP, B (nice find from Astros)
  10. Joel Guzman, INF-OF, B (status has slipped but still very young)
  11. Matt Walker, RHP, B- (great arm but mixed results)
  12. Juan Salas, RHP, B- (hasn't received much attention but looks solid)
  13. Justin Ruggiano, OF, B- (sleeper outfield prospect)
  14. Josh Butler, RHP, B- (nice arm from `06 draft)
  15. Andrew Sonnanstine, RHP, C+ (promising control artist)
  16. Jason Hammel, RHP, C+ (should be decent starter eventually)
  17. James Houser, LHP, C+ (intriguing southpaw from Cal League)
  18. Shawn Riggans, C, C+ (decent catcher if he stays healthy)
  19. Sergio Pedroza, OF, C+ (power and patience)
  20. Elliot Johnson, 2B, C+ (I don't have a great feel for him but a lot of people like him.
Others of Note: Nevin Ashley, C; Wes Bankston, 1B; Jon Barratt, LHP; Alex Cobb, RHP: Desmond Jennings, OF; Chris Mason, RHP; Mike McCormick, 3B; Ryan Owen, LHP; Fernando Perez, OF; Chris Seddon, LHP; Wade Townsend, RHP; Eric Walker, RHP; Mike Wlodarczyk, LHP

My notes:

  • Interesting that 4 prospect that we traded for landed in the Top 20, true testament to the NDRO's scouting department.
  • One question I posted on the thread is whether or not the proposed move to catcher by Pedroza will increase Sergio's grade in the future.
  • Josh Butler getting some press, maybe our 2006 draft wasn't as bad as Rays fans are making it to be.
  • James Houser finally getting some attention, hopefully he continues to pitch well in the pitcher-friendly Southern League.

[editor's note, by Jacob Larsen] Sickels has updated Sonnanstine's grade and has increased his grade from a C+ to a B-. Now it means that out of our 20 prospects listed, only 5 of them are of a B- or worse grade and all 5 are of the C+ calibur.