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Rays looking at Barry Bonds?

Mark Topkin, DRB's Paul C. Smith award winner is reporting the Rays are looking at a few free agents, Mark Mulder, Russ Springer, Darin Erstad (eek), David Riske (hopefully), and...Barry Bonds?

Yesterday John Shea measured the interest from Bonds on each team, he didn't exactly say anything good about the Rays.

Personally I have no real 'comment' to make, it wouldn't benefit the team as much as you'd think, but the revenue and national interest on the Rays would grow. I'll have more of my thoughts later as far as this situation.

If there is one guy on that list I'd love to have it's David Riske, I've had that guy on my 'list' for quite a while now and he posted a 3.89 ERA last year.

He also reports that preliminary talks have began on a long term deal with Scott Kazmir, I guess they read the 'Kazmir versus the World' piece? Heh.