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Boo Birds

The Baltimore Sun is reporting the Orioles have offered former Rays 3B / OF / DH / resident jerk Aubrey Huff a 3 year, 18 million dollar offer. If I'm Huff I take it, then prepare for the 'Johnny Damon effect' once I return, possibly some cheers for giving the team your services at a high level (and that screws Tubs Hall) and then nothing but an array of boos for badmouthing the town and really just being 'above the team'.

The O's are building a nice stable of ex-Rays with Danys Baez (whom I have no beef with other than he's quite possibly the most overrated relief pitcher in the game), Chris Gomez, and now the Huffster. Gleefully I shall finally hear Dewayne Staats call the following "A slow grounder to second and Huff is retired." without slamming my head against my desk.

Update [2006-12-30 19:26:38 by R.J. Anderson]: The Sun is now reporting the deal has been signed, 3 years, 20 million.