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Keep the McClung Family in your prayers

Seth McClung has informed the Devil Rays family that his brother, Marcus McClung, has throat cancer. We ask that you please keep Seth, Marcus, and the rest of the McClung family in your prayers. A copy of his post from the RBB message boards informing the fans of this tragic twist in the off-season.

This is about my brother Marcus. I ask that you who belive will pray for him, the more people who pray the stronger his fight gets. Marcus is a non smoker as well, He used no tobacco products. We received Bad news cancer has spread through out his throat. Marcus will have to continue to have treatments and continue to battle this Cancer. Again thank you for the prayers, I for one know they work. When I was in 3rd grade I had been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. Through Faith Alone this Brain tumor was gone not two months later. I hope to stand as a testament of Faith and of Gods power to what he can do, I pray now aloud and in front of you all who are reading this that the same power that touched me touch my brother Marcus. Thank you Lord for how you have blessed me, in Jesus Christ name Amen. Sorry if this is off topic, I was just looking for some help. Seth McClung
feel free to leave your comments here, they will be passed onto the McClungs.