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Rule 5 Hilarity

Update [2006-12-7 22:20:59 by R.J. Anderson]: Dotel has signed with the Royals 1 year 5 million.

Update [2006-12-7 15:3:7 by R.J. Anderson]: Just wanted to check in, thanks to Jake for covering the morning session of the final day of 2006' winter meetings.

As has became the case (three straight days now) here's another place you can read something from a DRB writer; RJ on Over the Monster gives his view on Julio Lugo.

With the top pick in the Rule 5 Draft, the Rays selected(for Oakland, who purchased the top pick for 100 K) OF Ryan Goleski from the Cleveland Indians organization.

2 Interesting Rays-related picks were also made today, with the Cubs selecting OF Josh Hamilton(yes, that Josh Hamilton) and the Red Sox selecting a personal favorite of mine in RP Nick DeBarr. Nick has shown glimmers that he has the "stuff" to pitch in high-pressure games, but a jump from High A to the Majors is a large one. However, it can't beat Hamilton's jump from partially sucking in Short-Season Rookie Hudson Valley to Chicago in 2007.

Today is the last day of Winter Meetings, so there's a small chance that a deal still can be made. In fact, last year's final day landed us Sean Burroughs for Dewon Brazelton and what ended up being Steve Andrade.

Update [2006-12-7 17:50:13 by Jacob Larsen]:Apparently, in addition to the cash...we also got a pitcher from Oakland. One Mr. Jay Marshall, who played last season in the High A Carolina League. Updates to come as the Day progresses...Stay Tuned!

Update [2006-12-7 11:1:57 by Jacob Larsen]:{Per Rotoworld) Scratch White Sox off the list of Baldelli suitors, as they're nearing a deal that will land them OF Wily Taveras(Scott Podsednik's clone), SP Jason Hirsch and SP Taylor Buchholz for SP Jon Garland.

Does Houston need to be told that Garland isn't THAT good?

Update [2006-12-7 13:33:27 by Jacob Larsen]: According to the Boston Herald and Rotoworld, the Rays are one of 5-6 teams(Including Boston, Cleveland and San Fran) in talks with RP Eric Gagne. While we may not get him to sign, talking to Gagne, Dotel, Riske and Springer is like throwing cards into a hat. After awhile, we're bond to get one to drop in.