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Reader/Writer Interactive Question of the Week


I figured since we are dawning upon the new season, it was time to introduce some fresh blood in the form of new features. Among these features will be a photo column, which will appear whenever I get out to Rays events and take the camera, a Bay Area Baseball feature, reporting on other things happening around the Bay Area in the world of baseball, such as minor league baseball and spring training teams. A spring training feature will be a Who's Hot, Who's Not kind of thing where I rank players on the bubble and their chances of making the final roster, and a Rays Minor League report, which will appear weekly starting at the beginning mark of the minor league season. The frequency of these things may change based on how often I can write, but to start out with, here is how I would disperse the features throughout the week.

Sunday-Question of the Week
Sunday-Who's Hot, Who's Not (spring only)
Saturday-Minor League Report (starting in April)
Friday-Bay Area Baseball Column

Anyways, this will be on top of returning features like Game Previews and Transaction Reports.  But to unveil my first feature of the regular season, I have chosen the relatively easy to do and most interactive feature, the Weekly Question. I will ask you guys, my readers, a question each week. This could be any question Rays related, such as 'Who is your favorite player and why?', but much more involved. I will ask the question one Sunday, and post my email address for you all to email your responses to, and I will post your responses in next week's post, as well as my take on the question, and then ask the next question, and so on and so forth. I got my inspiration for this by thinking back to a feature on Jim Wisinski's old blog, Z-Rays. It was a feature called 'Jim Asks'. I have refined that idea a little, come up with this, and I will see how you guys like it so I can decide whether to continue it or not. I hope you don't mind, Jim.

Anyways, the reason I decided to funnel answers through my email was for formatting purposes only. I will not edit any of your responses unless they are inappropriate, and I know I won't have any of that. The commenting thing is for posting on last week's question. Say someone said something you didn't agree with. The commenting will provide a forum for the discussion of last week's answers. It is not for discussion of this week's question. Also, I will include a poll in some questions and use that in next week's edition, so you can vote in case you do not want to give a detailed answer.

Well, now that I have gone through all the fine details and stuff, how about we ask the actual question? Here is this week's question...

Question of the Week

Of all of the Rays' Non-Roster Invitees, which one has the biggest chance to make the final 25 man roster, and why?

To Answer....

To answer this week's question, please email your response to Since my 'Contact Patrick' on the side of the page disappeared some months back, there is my email address. So email your responses to me, answering this week's question, and I will post the responses I got in next week's column. Please include the name you would like your comment attributed to in the post, and I look forward to hearing from Rays Nation!