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Stu Stu Stu

Hubert Mizell is the S.P. Times long time columnist who now writes a column for the Gainesville Sun. Its fitting that all the Sternberg coverage is finally coming out from papers other than the ones that cover the beat and path of the Devil Rays.

Sternberg quotes:

"Last year, 75 million persons came to see a big-league ballpark, I still believe it is the national pastime. I have loved it since childhood. In an area with as many residents as the west coast of Florida, there is no excuse to not have an entertaining, interesting and highly enjoyable product."
When we get to $40 million, things should improve. If our payroll can inch up to $50 million, things become less impossible. We have to walk before there is much of a chance to run. Our sights are to get among the bulk of (MLB) teams, at around $60 million. We hope to continue coming up with players like a Jorge Cantu, who outperforms an Alfonso Soriano despite making $10 million less."
We're checking out everything, being open-minded, trying to spend money wisely and planning to become more of the fabric of Tampa Bay."