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FanFest Pictures

Well, I finally figured out how to work that newfangled digital camera technology, as I uploaded the pictures from FanFest off of my digital camera, onto the computer, and onto the DRaysBay database. Their long journey has come to an end, and you can see all of the pictures that didn't come out bad after the jump. I did this for several reasons...

  1. To keep large amounts of clutter off of the main page
  2. Formatting, I like to offer a brief snippet of my work before going to the longer copy
  3. And so that people using slower computers that may not be able to take the pics' bandwith can elect not to spend 15 minutes trying to get stuff on the main page to their computer screen. It isn't a particularly large bandwith, but just in case....
The pictures contain a variety of images, from Matt Silverman to Elijah Dukes to Wes Bankston to trophies, to just general event pictures. Give them a look see. It was my trial expieriment with the camera to get used to it, so a lot of pictures came out bad, and I didn't take as many as I would have because I thought I had two days to take pictures this year, and only realized that this wasn't so on my way out the door.

My next photo op will come some point this week. I might sneak in two to three spring games plus the workouts tomorrow, so I hope to take more pictures and deliver more to our out of town readers. After all, a picture says a thousand words, and that's a thousand words I do not have to type, so I'm grateful.


-Driving in a car down 3rd Ave. S, this was the best picture I could take of the approaching dome, my first snapshot of the 2006 season.

-The banner is up, and the palm trees look extra nice for the first Rays event of the new year.

-The enterance at Gate 1, the rotunda.

-If memory serves me correctly, I believe that this is a Gold Glove award that was presented to Johnny Bench. It was part of the Ted Williams' Hitters Hall of Fame Rotating exhibit that made the trip down from Citrus County, and which, now, won't have to make the trip back up.

-Rays minor league outfielder Elijah Dukes signs a ball for a youngster (and doesn't commit a felony doing so) during his turn at the autograph stage.

-At the induction ceremony for the Rays' Fan Walk of Fame, Matt Silverman, left, and Wes Bankston listen in.

-ESPN Baseball Analyst Peter Gammons has the floor during his one hour question and answer session. Next to him is Rays Radio Broadcaster Rich Herrera.

-This picture is a little dark, but this is what bpoe13 was referring to when he said the entire first base terrace box area was covered with plywood. It is going to be a new club for the 2006 season, and will be similar to the XO Club at the St. Pete Times forum. The signs on the plywood say "Under Construction", and are full of the offseason slogan of the same name's insignia.

-Just a wide swath picture of the event from the right field seats.

-Another wide swath view of the event from right field. Note the large inflated burger, and that colorful blue thing on the left was the Rays' Gasparilla float. Also, if you can notice far to the right, it is a little dark, but you can make out a little kids play area. That will be no more soon, as that right-center field platform will be the home to the much-lauded futured Devil Ray tank.