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Jake's Take: My Rays Prospect List #s 11-14 aka "The (Almost) Fantastic Four"

So, yeah, It seems that I forgot how to count in my first list and did 6 to start it here's the final 4 before the Top 10.

#14: James Houser,LHP-

Homegrown as he can be(born in Sarasota), James is putting together a nice start to his minor league career. In 2005, he was voted top Pitcher of the SW Michigan Rays. He's always had nice pitching periphreals and his next big challenge is pitching in Cali's vastly hitter friendly parks.

#13: Elliot Johnson, 2B-

From going undrafted to possibly the "2B of the Future" for the Rays is saying alot for Elliot Johnson as a player. He's a very consistent hitter and isn't being rushed to the majors so it gives him time to grow and improve as a player. A good prospect to keep your eye on in 2006 with the Biscuits.

#12: Matt Walker, RHP-

1/3rd of a possible(he may go to short-season) destructive trio in SW Michigan, Matt Walker has talent...and alot of it. However, he's very raw and his numbers point to that. He's a great power-pitcher, but he's very "wild" to say the least. The question is when, not if, he will find his control and put up some great numbers in the minors. Still young, so he's got time to grow.

#11: John Matulia, OF-

Looking back on last year's draft, I almost could say that he's a bigger steal than Bryan Morris was. His stock dropped before the draft because many thought he was convinced to playing for the University of Florida. However, the Rays thought otherwise and picked him anyways. They quickly signed him and put him in Princeton where he was one of the best overall players in the entire league. Great defensively, great offensively and still young. A late season injury slowed him down when they promoted him to Short-season Hudson Valley, but he's no Jason Pridie and will remain to be another good OF prospect for the Rays in the lower levels.