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Reader/Writer Interactive Question of the Week

Last Week's Question

Last week's question dealt with the Rays' third base position battle. With Ty Wigginton and Sean Burroughs, the two favorites going into the spring sucking wind, what should the Rays do with their vaccancy at the hot corner. Who should man the third base hole? Well, we had a record number of poll responses, but still only one emailer. The overwhelming consensus of Rays fans was the Aubrey Huff should man the hot corner. With a record 75 votes, here were the final results...

Poll Response

Of the current players in camp, which one(s) should man the corner this year?

Aubrey Huff-45 votes; 60%
Sean Buurroughs-7 votes; 9%
Ty Wigginton-6 votes; 8%
Wes Bankston-5 votes; 6%
Nick Green, Russell Branyan-4 votes; 5%
Jorge Cantu-3 votes; 4%
Green/Branyan platoon-1 votes; 1 %

75 total votes

The choice is clear. Aubrey Huff has the overwhelmin g support of Rays Nation, while the struggling Burroughs and Wigginton come in a distant second and third. Wes Bankston, who isn't even in camp anymore, still recieved the support of five people, while backup infielder Nick Green and slugging non-roster invitee Russell Branyan each recieved four votes. Jorge Cantu garnered 3 votes, and a Green/Burroughs lefty/righty platoon received 1 vote.

Reader Responses

Only one response this week, come on Rays fans, mail in....

David Lopez- think Huff should start at third. He's not the disaster in the field that a lot of people like to think he is.  Huff at 3rd, Young in RF.

My View

Looking at the options, I just want to rule out Burroughs immeditaly. He was awful in San Diego, and has proven that he still can't hit here. There is no reason to even give him a roster spot with the production he is putting up. Wigginton is doing badly also, but at least he can regularly play three positions (and he played SS in Saturday's game), while having a previous track record of hitting. Branyan is the only one of the third-base specific players to be having a good spring, and is doing it even without the power. Bankston is too early along in his development to move up to the bigs, considering he just started at third and hasn't reached Triple A yet. Nick Green is not a viable option vs. right-handed pitchers, and doesn't field the ball cleanly at third, while Jorge Cantu also has his defensive issues and is needed at second. The Green/Branyan platoon accounts offensively for last season's splits, and it wouldn't be worse defensively than an Aubrey Huff-manned hot corner. In the end, moving Huff to third would free up an outfield spot for Joey Gathright and open up the DH hole for Rocco Baldelli, if necessary. He can deliver as much or more production at third than the other two senarios, and his move frees up the outfield logjam, and for that reason, I too side with 60% of our voters in reccomending Huff for third base.

This Week's Question

With the signing of Al Reyes to a minor league contract, Wayne Franklin pitching well, and two rotation spots still openly availible, the Rays' pitching staff is completely up in the air with only two more weeks to go until opening day. Assuming that Casey Fossum, Scott Kazmir, and Seth McClung are locked into rotation spots, give me your final two starters and the bullpen alignment you think the team should go with. Obviously, there is no poll to go with this one, but you can sound off by emailing me at or by clicking the 'Contact Patrick' button located on the sidebar.