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Spring Training winds down

We know that we have our #1 pitcher settled with the young and talented Kazmir'n Devil Ray. Just pencil him in for the next ten years or so.

Seems the Rays might of gotten fleeced with the Burroughs trade. Somehow this spring Dewon has looked like a major league pitcher with 14/4 K/BB ratio. Must be the Arizona climate, it seems very surprising.

If this Spring was anything to take notice of, it has to be the play of bad boy Dukes who did his best Delmon immitation.

There are just so many OF spots, so we should strike a deal with Marlins with Gathright if there is a suitable deal. I mean we don't have to school them the way we did with Dodgertown.  

What can you say about Huff. He has come into camp being a role model student. Being a team player, play me anywhere. Its amazing what an option year can do to motivate a player.