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Jake's Take: Put up or Shut up!(Double-sided Post)

It's nearly the end of Spring Training, the Rays everyday players are pretty much obvious or becoming very obvious as these waining days of March pass by.

The Rays, in some ways this spring, have shown that they aren't punching bags of the American League anymore. We've only had one serious beatdown(by the bats of Minnesota) and we've held our own in 85% of the Spring Training Games.

The Rays aren't probably going to be obvious candidates for the playoff picture in 2006, but if a few things go well....we wouldn't totally shock everybody(probably a few million Northeasterners, though).

The Rays know what they're going to have to do to becoming a consistently winning team. We've seen glimpses of winning stretches by the Rays in 2004 and 2005, but we're going to make some tweaks to those formulas to get an overall winning seasons. We've got to be the hitting, hyperspeed Rays of 2005 combined with the fielding prowess of the 2004 Rays added with some luck in the pitching department. That may seem like alot, but every year the Rays seem to figure out how to fix problematic spots in their play. The puzzle is 3/4ths of the way done, just have to find the combinations of the remaining pieces to finish the puzzle.

There's tons of potential with our players and it's more than likely that the Rays will figure it out relatively soon, just because our "foundation/key" players are all younger than 26-27 yrs old.


You're probably wondering what I meant with the title of this post, especially the "double-sided" part.

Well, you see, we've got a few annonymous posters/readers who have started to ruffle feathers here. They've totally copped out and shown no intestinal fortitude by signing up for free accounts, probably because they figure that one of us would delete or ban them. This isn't a communist team blog, I'd rather see a signed-up username bash the Rays than a person who randomly trolls along and posts nonsensical BS.

If you want to post something against the Rays, be a man/woman and sign up for an account...