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Jake's Take: Morris Code

One of the best picks in the last amatuer draft for the Rays is now raising hell for Motlow's JUCO team. Bryan "Avery" Morris was picked in the 3rd round by the Rays out of Tullahoma(yup, Braz's hometown), but due to conflicting ownership he was allowed to enroll in JUCO and pitch for his father. According to a few reports, the Rays have a deal in place for Morris for when his season completes and just needs his John Hancock to make it official

However, I'm a little worried that he may just re-enter the draft because of his phenomenal stats so far.

Season Stats
0.88 ERA
0.85 WHIP
4-1 record
41 IP
22 hits
4 ER
13 BB
60 K
4.6 K/BB

Though its just a bit of rumormongering by me, I feel that if the Rays sign him as planned, Morris will probably start his minor league career in Low A due to him already conditioned to pitch a full season's slate.