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Baldelli to start year On DL

According to Will Carroll's UTK, the Rays projected starting CF Rocco Baldelli will start the year on the DL. He says its more of a statement of the depth in the Ray system at the outfield position.

With that in mind, it sure appears that Gathright will be the starting CF.

Joey luckily let Tavarez off the hook the other day. He could of used the kong fu grip on him :

Turns out Gathright is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, having studied the Korean martial art from ages 8 to 18, before stopping after he got drafted to play baseball.
"Well, I've seen Gathright do some sort of ninja kick over this dude's head who was 6-foot-7 -- this roundhouse kick -- over his head just to show he can do it," Jonny Gomes said. "Yeah, I guess you can call [Tavarez] lucky."
Damon Hollins agreed Tavarez got off easy.
"Julian is a little bit lucky he didn't use none of that stuff on him," Hollins said. "We'll wait for the next time for him to break some of that karate stuff out -- if there is a next time."