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New DRaysBay features

Here at DRaysBay, we're always trying to find ways to improve your expierence all the time. As such, myself and Jake recently discussed some new features that we are considering adding to spruce up the site. We are considering a wealth of new features to add, and have borrowed some inspiration to come up with them. These include, but are not limited to.....

-Adding an AL East standings table to the sidebar
-Making a weekly email newsletter that rounds up the past week of Rays Baseball and links to site content.
-A podcast that would be a ways off, as I need to read up on it and get the infrastructure together to do it.
-An upcoming games and game recap box to the sidebar
-Updating and cateogrizing our links and featured articles.
-Making a top prospects table on the sidebar
-Crating a roster box which would make you a click away from info on all of our 40 man roster players from baseball-reference.
-Dividing our columns, like Game Previews and Jake's Takes into sections to make your favorite feature's archives a click away.
-A Minor League record box on the sidebar.
-A list of goals to try to accomplish on the sidebar for the team that we would follow all season.

But of course, these features are for you...the reader. Us big wigs are just here to produce it for your benefit. So seeing as though it is for you, we want to know what you think. Please drop us a line in the comment thread below this post to sound off about these ideas. After all, they are for you. Tell us what we, the writers, should focus on in bringing to you the best content we can every day. Because without you the reader, we'd be a bunch of crazies writing to an audience of us, ourselves, and we. So sound off, and let us know what you think so we can implement what our readers want. And if you think of a feature you want added to the blog, feel free to drop us a line on that too. Hell, if you're too shy to do so in the comment thread, drop one of us a line by clicking the 'Contact' buttons on the side of the page. This is your web log, so tell us what to do.

               DRays Bay Staff